Michael Katz




"In 1996 I decided on taking flying lessons. Living in Europe in this time I decided on taking my flying lesson at the "Above All Aviation" school in Santa Barbara for the simple reason that it had great reviews from students and that in all the reviews i have received the name of Beth Niebuhr the owner and manager came up - again and again.

"I made the right decisions and spent 6 weeks that I cherish as a memorable period that till this day I tell to friends, my kids and every one that shares my love of planes and aviation.

"Beth gave me confidence, was there when needed, always informative, and took great care of me all this time making my stay an unforgettable one.

"Sometimes I wish I can turn the clock back and go back to this flying school again to repeat all over again."

Michael Katz
Executive Chef
Group Adom
Jerusalem, Israel


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  Will you have a home-based or storefront location?

Home-based businesses usually are less expensive to create and work well for people who are self-motivated. You know, the ones who can push away from the breakfast table and get to work; retail locations are required if you will be attracting customers to your store.

Will you be a sole proprietor or join forces with a partner?

This decision will result from the need for financial support or the desire for collaboration. Some people do well alone; others mesh well with partners with complementary skills.

Where to start?

Dreaming about a new business

Dream first!

Imagine yourself running a business that is based on something you really like. Flying for me; what for you? Gourmet cooking? Tennis? Home schooling? A great new invention? A solution to a particular problem? Travel? Gardening? Psychology? Ecology? Self-help?

Once you have selected your niche, you are on your way. If you need help in choosing one, here is a worksheet which will result in some great ideas, based on your preferences, experiences and skills.

You can interact with a group of women whose interests are similar to yours. Read and comment on our blogs.

Personalized help is only an email away. You will be answered by the coach whose mission is helping women who are eager to find their paths, just as she did for the first time 29 years ago.

Our Flights: Clear steps to creating your business

Preflight - Find out if you want to be an entrepreneur.

Taxi - Decide what kind of business you will create.

Takeoff - Gather the resources that you will need.

Climb - Put your plan into action.

Soar - Enjoy your success!

Land - Share your story with other entrepreneurs.


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"I am a local Prescott artist, and I am so pleased to have met Beth, who's so lovingly created a wonderful website for our downtown gallery.
"Best of all, it's actually generating business! My husband and I cobble handmade, and hand-painted shoes, and we've had numerous inquiries from the site that have resulted in sales.
"I would absolutely recommend Beth to anyone looking to build a website, and establish a rewarding partnership."
Cody Carter